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The SoundWall™ series features numerous award-winning Morel components and incorporates hi-end drivers. These handcrafted speakers are uniquely designed and constructed to offer Morel’s renowned sound quality for both stereo and home theatre applications
Morel’s has just launched the new SoundWall™ X-Base series designed to offer Morel’s signature sound from an in-wall source at an affordable pric

The new X-Base series includes an in-wall and in-ceiling (which is available in a round shape) speakers with a frame or frameless. Each model incorporates a plastic face-plate configuration and features a 6” bass/midrange fitted with a paper composite cellular fibre cone, a 1” / 0.8″ (in-wall /in-ceiling) voice coil and a high grade ferrite magnet system. Morel’s famous soft-dome tweeter driven by a neodymium magnet provides a very wide listening area due to the 50 degrees dispersion angle for each direction. This allows an easier installation and alignment and there is no need for directional/pivoting tweeters. The crossover is phase and time-aligne

Morel’s SoundWall™ series “wall-to-wall” sound stage will appeal to those who enjoy a magnificent performance whilst hiding the sou

Woofer: 6.5 ” paper composite cellular fiber cone, 1.1″ voice coil, ferrite magnet motor. Tweeter: 1″ soft dome, neodymium magnet motor

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