Stylus 470-SM

מק”ט: Stylus 470-SM

Brave The Elements

When it comes to high-performance outdoor sound, Paradigm has your backyard covered! Contemporary Stylus speakers are an easy, stylish and surprisingly affordable way to bring the Paradigm high-performance sound you enjoy indoors … outdoors. They’re weather resistant — so install them outdoors and leave them there.


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Design Single speaker system with stereo L/R inputs, 3-driver, 2 x 2-way acoustic suspension, weather,water, UV-resistant PolyGlass™ enclosure
Crossover Two 3rd-order electro-acoustic at 2.3 kHz
Frequency Response   On-Axis ±2 dB from 75 Hz – 20 kHz
Frequency Response   30° Off-Axis ±2 dB from 75 Hz – 15 kHz
High Frequency Driver Two 25-mm (1 in) PTD™ domes
Mid/Bass Frequency Driver Dual voice-coil, 190-mm (7-1/2 in) ICP™ cone, die-cast chassis
Low Frequency Extension 50 Hz (DIN)
Sensitivity   Room / Anechoic 93 dB /
Impedance Compatible with 4 ohms Mono; 8 ohms / channel Stereo Input
Suitable Amplifier Power Range 15 – 110 watts Mono; 15 – 55 watts / channel Stereo Input
Maximum Input Power 80 watts Mono; 40 watts / channel Stereo Input
Finishes Black, White
Weight 10.6 lbs. (4.8 kg)
Dimensions   HxWxD 12.625″ × 8.875″ × 8.75″
(32.1cm × 22.5cm × 22.2cm)